Federico Mahora (FM) Designer Cosmetics and Fragrances

Federico Mahora commonly known as FM Cosmetics was founded in 2004 and has become one of the world’s leading distributors of designer fragrances. Our products are formulated by DROM, one of Europe’s leading designers in the perfume industry with over 100 years experience. DROM is among the top 10 best designers of fragrances in the world.

Federico Mahora (FM) Designer Cosmetics and Fragrance has extended its products range over the last five years to over 200 different fragrance scents, with a classic and luxury line for both male and female.

What makes FM different?

1. Federico Mahora Designer Fragrances has a higher concentration of perfume than regular designer fragrances. (BETTER QUALITY)

  • Eau de Toilette – has 3 – 8% perfume concentrate
  • Eau de Perfume – had 8 – 12% perfume concentrate
  • Federico Mahora has 20% perfume concentrate that means your perfume will last much longer than other leading brands because of its better quality.

2. Federico Mahora Designer Fragrances cost less than regular designer fragrances. (BETTER PRICE)

  • No famous name endorsements
  • No advertising cost
  • Very low distribution cost – no middle men

3. Federico Mahora Designer Fragrances provides you with a global opportunity to market designer fragrances. (BETTER BENEFITS)

  • Low start up cost
  • Extra income › Financial Freedom
  • Your own International Business, simple and fun
  • BRAND NEW Mercedes Benz for Team Leaders
  • More spare time and freedom
  • Retirement with a residual income
  • No experience needed
  • and many more

Want to learn more about this opportunity and how Federico Mahora (FM) Designer Cosmetics and Fragrances can help you earn money and become financially free?

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